Çerez Örnek


 Ege University, Museum of Ethnography was founded with the objective of safeguarding and archiving both tangible and intangible cultural values and create a museum for the examples of folk costumes and musical instruments with ethnographic qualities that have reached till today.

          In Ege University, Museum of Ethnography, housing ethnographic objects related to folk music, traditional costumes, folk dances and folk music instruments from Balkan Countries and Turkic World, next to the 2.300 pieces of traditional clothing, 110 pieces of folk music instruments, the total number of the items on display is 3.400 with the accessories, weaponry, chests and closets added.

        The Temporary Exhibition hall where the items regarding folk culture can be displayed, the Meeting Hall that serves for activities like panels, recitals and such, the Museum Cafeteria located in the green garden decorated with ethnographic agricultural equipment promise the visitors a pleasant time.

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